Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day Four - Thursday

Breakfast was a flop. The special kids' cereal that Griffin picked out - wasn't a hit. It's difficult to find foods for kids when they don't like much of anything that I'm familiar with. I don't remember their mom being a picky eater. She was a real meat and potatoes kid!

Hmm, I wonder who was playing with my camera this morning?

She took a good picture of Scrunchie. Not and easy shot to get considering the poor pup has been spending most her time in hiding. Hang in there Scrunch.

May, our Border Collie, was helping me video tape the kids playing in the pool this morning. See if you can spot her on the tape!:0)

No poops from Nona today...but not as much grunting going on either.

Mostly they snacked today, until dinner time. Rich got home and we went out for Chinese. There were angels in the restaurant and they were sitting at OUR TABLE! I was impressed!
They ate all their dinner, which was not a real surprise it was sweet and sour chicken and white rice and 7up to drink. What kid wouldn't scarf that down?

After we left the restaurant we stopped by Safeway to cash in the lottery scratch tickets from yesterday. They had to wait until we got home to scratch them. Fin got another $2, and Olive got one for herself this time. She won 20 bucks!

Ice cream for dessert! For three kids who were awesome at the restaurant and ate all their dinner! "Hi Mama."

Bedtime! See you in the morning!

It took about 2 seconds for them to fall fast asleep.


Cora said...

(I want to stay at your camp!)
Great that you're blogging this stuff, Pat - what fun for all to look back on! :-)

Scarlett said...

Me, too! The kids look like they are having so much fun. We are enjoying the blog - what great memories.

Grandma S

Pat said...

I'm so glad it's being enjoyed. Thanks for commenting. That means a lot!