Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day Ten - Wednesday, Our last day.

These pictures were taken yesterday. We are trying to get a shot similar to the one we took on day one.

Nona wasn't into it.

Well, our last morning together didn't start out as planned. I got up to let Frieda, their dog, back inside cuz she barks a lot and loud at the horses and although Grampa was just leaving for work, the rest of us had a late night and were still trying to sleep. I was planning on going back to bed. So I was groggy, with morning mouth and look-in' fine!

As soon as I got to the kitchen, the phone rang and I picked it up. It was really early, like 6:30 am or around there, I think.

It was a lady from Wisconson asking for some advice on her horse's hooves. That's not a call I ever mind taking, so we talked for about 45 minutes. And while I was on the phone with her, another call came through and my Blackberry was buzzing.

I got two more calls regarding a blog (not mine) with a post that was about a horse we rescued, Spencer. These were not comfortable calls, but I had to deal with them and I was on the phone with both gals for about 45 minutes, each! Then, due to those calls, I had to go to my computer to send a few emails, etc.

So this didn't turn out to be the nice easy morning I had planned to get ready for the kids mom and dad to show up and possibly all of us could go to lunch or dinner together and talk about their vacation and the fun we had together.

Nope, because at some point during the second call, the kids had all gotten out of bed. I was able to get them some cereal, which of course, they didn't eat, and put the Nim's Island movie in my laptop computer for viewing on the coffee table. Apples were preferred over cereal. That's okay.

After everything had settled down, I got a shower taken (with Nona so I could keep an eye on her) and the other two got dressed and finished watching the movie.

Then their mom and dad called to say they were on their way, exciting!! And right after that the house keeper, who helps me out once a month, rang the door bell and Fin opened it while I was standing in the hallway, partially dressed.

The house was suffering the affects of 3 kids entertaining themselves the entire morning while I had been distracted. (And I had been keeping up with the house so well too:0( So she was kind enough to leave and come back later so I could get the place picked up.

BLAMMO! What a morning! I got the kids suitcases packed and the house ready to be cleaned, after nine days of kids, kids, kids, in one hour and twenty minutes! Kind of like hitting the fast-forward button on the video they were watching, I was one Zipping-around Granny!

The kids spent a bit of time outside while I was cleaning up and Fin found a tiny frog. He was pretty proud of his find and took it out to the pond to grow up and start a frogily.

Then suddenly Mom and Dad arrive!! There are hugs and kisses all around and gifts for everyone! All the kids were so excited to see mom and dad and I think they were ready to go home.

We watched some videos I took of the kids that I hadn't loaded on the blog and we got a kick out of some of the funny, and smart, things they did. We got a chance to visit and Erin looks awesome and her eyes match her pretty Hawiian sweatshirt exactly.

Bye Bye!

I will certainly miss them all and...
Little Scrunchie misses them too. She has been wondering around the house looking for them. Olive named Scrunchie when we got her about a year ago - after a little toy stuffed dog that she keeps with her at all times. I should taken a picture of Olive's toy dog and Scrunchie together. They are identical. That would have been cute.

You know, it sure seemed like our time together was a series of melt downs, tears, angry moments, kid fights, and disgust with grandma's rules. Not to mention panic attacks, many messes to clean up, frantic searches for blankies, and exercises in anger management for Granny.

But there were way more smiles, lots of kid-giggles, sharing, running, playing and splashing in the pool, as well as horse (and donkey) grooming and riding, a bit of shopping, singing in the car, and naps in the carseats. Oh and lots of lottery scratch tickets!

We ate a lot and dined out and in and I think they will not want to see another Peanut Butter Bar as long as they live. Or mom will have to buy some at Costco cuz they all have an addiction to them now.

There were seven (7) dogs here as well for 10 days. That was a lot of poop around the back yard to watch out for. But to Grampa's credit, as a veteran poop scooper, not one landmine was hit by a single civilian.

Well, it's getting late. Time for bed. But I have to add this one last picture. The kids got postcards from their mom and dad yesterday and that was exciting, and reminded my Little Bittys how much they were missing Mom and Dad.

I loved having you with me here at Camp Grandma! Let's do it again, next year! Or you know, the year after:0)

We love you all so much,

Grandma! And Grandpa too!

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