Monday, August 18, 2008

Day Eight - Monday

The weather took a turn after an impressive thunder storm this morning, followed by lots of rain! Since Grandpa had to go back to work, we were on our own today. We got going right off! Breakfast, dressed, shoes on, but when it was time for Granny to shower and dress, all hell broke loose…a little bit.

Then we got everything back under control. And I had to go in the rain to do my chores - feed the cat and toss some hay to the horses. That took several trips, due to minor melt downs and little tussles back at the house. (Did somebody mention duck tape?)

On the last trip from barn to house, I neglected to do one last very important thing. Want to guess what that was? I'll fill you in as I go.

So we loaded up in the Landcruiser and headed off for Costco! On the way there, I asked, “Hey, is anyone hungry for some lunch?”
I am!
Me too!
The littlest one had conked out.

So we pulled-into Best Buffet. (and Grandpa didn’t think I could handle that sort of dining alone.) They kids did GREAT! They were very selective in their choices. Jello, Fruit, Jello, and anything that was good covered with sweet and sour sauce, Jello and pastries! Then we had ice cream cones for dessert!

We know how to eat! We washed up and were about to leave for Costco when I noticed I had messages on my cell. (The ringer isn’t functioning properly. Operator error.)

It was Grandpa calling to tell me that he’d been leaving messages (along with everyone in our neighborhood) because all of the horses had gotten out! (Did you guess that the last thing I forgot was closing the gate?)

The sheriff had arrived (minus the posse) and was heading the varmints off at the pass, using his cruiser as a road block! And all the neighbors had come out to help with the round up. From all the messages it sounded like a very exciting time.

Well, we all got up and headed for home with one stressed out granny at the wheel. I was imagining animals running willy-nilly all over Tarnation and the new draft horse, Spencer, (not a real people horse) running all over the neighborhood, scared witless and trying to rip anyone who got near him a new one.

Then about half way home, I got my own wits about me, pulled over and called one of our awesome neighbors to see just how bad things were. Jim said, not to worry. All the horses, which were narrowed down to Little Jake and 2 mini mules, the ones out on an adventure, but they had made it about a ½ mile down the road. The two donkeys were still in the yard and it didn’t sound like the two draft horses got out at all. (At least I don't think they did. I'll have to get the clarified.) But what a relief to find out they were all contained again!

So I turned around and we headed back to town to finish up our errands.

When we got home, all the horses seemed safe and sound, but boy I sure had lots of message on my cell and my home phone. I want to thank all my neighbors who helped out there.

We got the little garage sale bike out and did some practicing on that. Then it was cinnamon toast for dinner and bed. Fin complained that he normally gets much more food that than for dinner. I complained that I was too pooped to cook a bunch of food, clean up the mess and toss most the food out. Which has been a normal dinner-time for them. Plus, we all had a really big lunch...darn it...and they actually did eat some healthy stuff.

The Pool Girl stopped in to clean since we couldn't swim today. They went to bed early tonight because Grandma is exhausted. Funny how that works. But they were exhausted too - it took about 3 minutes for all to fall sound asleep and this is what they are doing now!

More tomorrow!

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