Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day One - Monday

My daugher's family arrived here late yesterday afternoon which included three extremely excited grandkids! They are here to stay at Camp Grandma!

Fin (that's half his name) is ready to burst at the thought of all the stuff he'll be able to get into and investigate.
Nona, also part of her real name, and is short for a little problem she's been having lately, which in Spanish is no puedo caca. Even if you don't speak the language, that one is easy to figure out. Grandma will fix her up.
The one in the middle is Olive. Also, a shortened version of her first name. She's a ballerina! A cowgirl! An Actress, A Singer/songwriter, and much more. This one has an imagination...

Time for mom and dad to leave!

The idea of mom and dad leaving them with Grandma and Grandpa seemed like a fantastic one! Until it was actually happening. Although the Fin was really the only one who had a major melt down; I'm pretty sure that was more about making sure mom and the Dadster didn't leave completely guilt free.

Because shortly after the goodbye hugs and kisses had been blown at the back of the van...

We relaxed and...
Fun ensued.
Fin plays with my camera while Olive is helping with dinner. She told me that she's going to be the next Rachel Rae!

Then there was...

...water fun, while dinner simmered in the pot. And like this:

This looks like a good idea!
Hey, this is MY pool party!


Okay, we can all fit, I guess.

Hey, Olive gets an idea! How about

Pouring water over Nona's head!
There's one in very crowd.

Dry tears, dry clothes and dinner.

My garage sale finds that are going to make mom say, "Where'd those clothes come from?"
How about a toast? To 9 more days together!
"Grandma is not going to believe what her house is going to look like at the end of this vacation!"

I'm already getting a pretty good idea about that.

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