Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day Two - Tuesday

Erin and J boarded their plane for Maui today. Here is a strand from her first email sent after making it safely to their condo on the beach. (Nice...) "Kiss to the kids – I miss them terribly!! I had a hard time fighting the pains of guilt every time I saw a family with children. But I’m sure a few mai tais will take care of that straight away! Hee hee!! "

We went out to breakfast this morning and the kids did great. Only one mishap when Fin dropped one of those little packets of Jam on the carpet. Open side down and when asked to retrieve it, he decided to step on it to see what would happen. Grandma lost it, is what happened.

When I left the table to get a wet paper towel so he could clean up his mess, the neighboring customers were crediting themselves with the fact that they would never leave 3 kids alone at a table that long. I was watching them from around a corner to see what other shenanigans they might get up to, while the waitress got the paper towel for me.

Then another large lady in a fancy uniform showed up and posted herself at the same table next door. The kids stared. She rose and came over to our table and offered all three a sticker badge. They are now Junior Firefighters. That's what happens when you're a kid and you fixate on a person in uniform. Junior Fixators is more like it. She was nice, but Nona was the only one who appreciated the upside down badge on her chest.

I forgot my camera for all that fun, but meanwhile, back at the ranch!

There was gator driving.

Arts and crafts.

Rest. (None of us got much sleep last night, and only one of us is making up for it today. )

Swimming. (Olive modeling a recent find. Because she didn't dig deep enough into her suitcase to find that her mom had packed several suits for the water, she found somethin' that would make do. Not sure which drawer she dug this out of, but yes, it's one of my swim suits from many pounds ago. )

Catching up on some more zzzzz's.
Boredom and chocolate milk.

Dinner Time!

Yeah, I know brocolli. That would be a big "NO" for Olive.

Bath time done and ready for bed! Scrunchy, the curly coated cattle dog (named by Olive) figured out that by the time I get these three out of the tub. I'm way too pooped to give her a bath. She says, "Yah, Baby!"

It's very late now and as I sit here typing, a Junior Fixator sits next to me, earning her badge. It appears that she got enough sleep today.
That expression hasn't changed in awhile. Scary.
Oh, did I mention the kids brought their 2 dogs. This one, Freida, is old and sleeps inside. Angus, is a black Scottie who moves too quick to get a picture, but I will.

One day and this is the laundry pile so far!

Yeeeah. Granny is the one who could use the Mai Tais about now. And it's only day two!

Seriously, we're having fun!

Grandma Pat

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