Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Camp Gramdmaw Revisited

Mom and Dad took a trip in celebration of Dad's birthday! Happy 40th J! Where are you going for your birthday?


So on the day before Thanksgiving, just as I was finishing up some last minute house cleaning (silly Grandma) Fin, Olive and Natalicious along with dogs, Frieda and Angus, came bursting through my front door!

All of them beaming! Like this!

This time they even brought Swimmy Two with them. That would be Fin’s fish. Yes there was a Swimming One and after the trip down in the car, Erin was anticipating a Swimming Three, but Two survived the weekend.

They were sure excited to be staying for 4 whole nights!
Olive needs a hat for all that long hair.

Visiting Boomer and Annie!
Okay, what's next?

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Kid's Counter. Cheers!

Getting ready to go to the landfill with Grampa...
...and ALL the dogs!

I'm Scrunchie!

NO kid! I'm Scrunchie!

We had lots of running-around fun out by the pond!

and riding turtles!

Neighbor kids come to play too.

Time to get serious!

Target practice with the B B gun! Boys will be boys and so will Grampas...but Grandma is the best shot!

Meanwhile, the girls were busy building sand castles!

Oops, I just remembered to warn them about what Sophie, the cat, does on that sandpile. YUCK!

Helping Grampa!

Climbing fences!

Hay stacks are good for hours of fun on a cloudy day. Seriously! Nothing is more fun than a hay bale fort!

Could these reactions be a reflection on Olive's driving?

At Camp, we don't spend much time in the house.

Time to go home comes way too soon. Now who will eat all those left over miniature marshmallows from our hot cocoa? I think Grandma can handle that!

We'll sure miss these cute little faces!

Until next time!

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