Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day Six - Saturday

Free Popcorn! We made the usual weekend Sunbirds run - with our extra passengers. They did pretty well considering a trip to a store like this generally turns them into...well, have you seen the movie Hoodwinked? Where a gopher like critter is offered a cup of coffee and he immediately starts bouncing wildly off the trees and he shouts, "Yeah Baby!"

They were so awesome in the store today though. Olive and Nona (still nothing, but much grunting) each got a new pair of Carhartt jeans - for riding horses! Fin picked out a Carhartt t-shirt for himself. Very cool color. The two older kids each got straw hats. Gramps got lots of hose attachments and landscaping what-nots.

Grampa is keeping it together pretty well too. And it's nice when he's home to help out. He hasn't really lost his temper yet, even when Olive and Fin, after having been warned not to swing on the field gates, chose to swing on the big gate to the back yard, both at the same time. Of course, it's a large back yard, with a pool and toys galore, but hey, lets go swing on the gate! That's how kids think and well, they broke it! Grampa wasn't happy about that. And they figured out that pissing Grampa off, isn't a good choice to make.

And as for me! I've got some elements added to my list of credentials. Like lifeguard, maid, dishwasher, laundress, driver, housekeeper (not keepin' up there, I'll probably get fired). Oh, and referee. Where's my whistle? I need a whistle.

"Grandma, we'll be taking our evening meal out by the pool tonight."

I've learned so much from the kids since they've been here, but I'm most impressed with what this two year old has taught me so far. For instance:

1.) Food IS art and looks best on the floor.
2.) "Go to bed." Three words that have no real meaning.
3.) "Oh My God!" Three words that sound kind of funny coming out of a 2 year old.
4.) Any phrase mumbled under your breath that ends with the word "it" bears repeating.
Like "Damn it." Which also sounds funny when it's echoed back by a 2 year old,
among other "_ _ _ _ it!" phrases. You fill in the blanks! Kind of fun!

And a beauty secret from a 2 year old diva!

5.) Your make up drawer is fair game when the diva gets a few minutes to herself.

6.) Spoons are unnecessary in most cases.

7.) Popsicles are better than chocolate on a warm day.

8.) Popsicles are yummy anytime!

Ready for a movie, then bed! Yeah, Baby!

Although, I'm not sure how these three are going to spend the evening.

Good night,

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Kim said...

Oh Grandmaw, just how do you do it???? Looks like you all are having SOOO Much fn! I want to be one of your grandkids.... :)